Jumper colons: the future of sentences.

“I would like to hypothesize that a new form of colon has emerged. From the democratic bowels of the Internet, an unknown pair of beady black eyes is staring out at us.”

“For grammarians, it’s a dependent clause + colon + just about anything, incorporating any and all elements of the other four colons, yet differing crucially in that its pre-colon segment is always a dependent clause.


For everyone else: its usefulness lies in that it lifts you up and into a sentence you never thought you’d be reading by giving you a compact little nugget of information prior to the colon and leaving you on the hook for whatever comes thereafter, often rambling on until the reader has exhausted his/her theoretical lung capacity and can continue to read no longer.


See how fast that goes?”

Read more: here.

[Conor J. Dillon @ the Millions via The Browser]


July 16, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , . Reading.


  1. Erin replied:

    good meow-ning.

  2. Erin replied:

    Um, I didn’t comment on this post. I commented on the one with the cat. WTF, wordpress?

  3. philliposophy replied:

    Here’s what I’ve heard: for all of its promise and polish, WordPress is notorious for its commenting failures.

  4. philliposophy replied:

    WordPress also recently lost one of my pictures.

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