Kottke Love

Tim Carmody is a brand new guest writer for Kottke.org and he’s just wonderful.
I have hundreds of syndicated websites constantly gushing into my RSS reader. It doesn’t take much negligence to have thousands of unread posts. Most of the time, I’m forced to skip much of the content.
I never skip Kottke.
In fact, you may have noticed that I frequently rehash their wares. It’s become one of the few sites that I consider required reading. Here’s Tim:
Most popular blogs, like most popular media, regardless of genre, spend 99.9% of their time reacting to and arguing about something that’s just happened, or is about to (maybe) happen. Jason’s aesthetic has always been different, because he’s always been just as excited about older things that have just been uncovered or rediscovered, marvelous objects and ideas in weird corners of the web that nobody’s paid attention to, or that have only just made the transition from analog to digital to become part of the web conversation.  […]
So this week will be devoted to things you’ve either forgotten about or have never seen before. I’ll be highlighting posts, articles, and projects that do this well wherever I see them, and rummaging through some dusty card catalogues myself (including some right here at kottke.org) to find things that deserve to be back in circulation.
[via Kottke]
[image via The Internet According to Adrian]

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  1. Scott replied:

    Twitter should allow me to filter content by category or assign a daily cap. Kottke over-tweets. Slate is the only 5+ tweets a day source I let slide. Had to drop NYT.

  2. philliposophy replied:

    I thought Twitter had filtering features. I recall assigning the tag “real people” to you and some others which allowed me to separate you from the rappers and comedians I follow.
    Kottke is a slow burn king of blog anyway. I can’t imagine their tweets doing justice to the kind of content they provide on the main site.
    Another argument for RSS over twitter.

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