Old news. My buddy Brad had this revelation way back in grade school. We were (are) in a band called Several Threads. You’ve probably heard of us.

[via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]


September 8, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Comics.


  1. Kro replied:

    He’s neglecting a few important points regarding fluid dynamics. Also, it’s recommended to turn the sink off with a paper towel, thus avoiding recontaminating your hands. They also recommending avoiding contact with the door handle. And using Purell after shaking people’s hands, or just bumping into people. Also wear a hazmat suit everywhere. Just sayin’, I mean we’ve all seen outbreak right?

  2. philliposophy replied:

    Personally? I never leave the bed. I’m like Charlie Bucket’s grandparents.

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