This dog’s name is Amadeus and he takes billiards seriously.

[via the Daily What]

[image via Josh Ellingson]

September 12, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . Video.


  1. Melinda replied:

    I. Love. This. And enjoy that Sundog has arrived.

  2. Keith replied:

    Kind of makes me wonder what a dog would be like playing poker…

  3. nadiaqh replied:

    WOW… that was amazing… concentrating on a single color before going to the next. What a pretty black chi.. all my chi’s do is hang out in the garden with me!

  4. philliposophy replied:

    Nadia, I visited your blog. Very jealous of your garden. I tried starting a garden for the first time ever this year. We only got a few tomatoes and cucumbers. No where near the bounty that you get. Awesome!
    I like the pictures of your dogs chilling in the garden too. Adorbz.

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