Glenn Pendlay and Caleb Ward visited CrossFit Durham to teach us some Olympic lifting skills.  I got two PRs as a result.

Thanks to Paul for taking the video and to Bea for taking my picture and making me look jacked.

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  1. bea replied:

    You are jacked.

  2. Phil Bost replied:

    Nah, still just Skinny Guy over here. Gonna take some time and a lot more lifting to get truly yoked.

    Really liking your blog, btw. Your 100 things you love about Durham is a great idea. I’ll be linking to that soon.

  3. 42qs replied:

    brings a tear of pride to my eye, yoke.

  4. Charlie replied:

    Nicely done! The snatch in particular was a thing of beauty.

  5. Phil Bost replied:

    Thanks Charlie. That was probably my best snatch ever. I was lucky to have it caught on tape.
    Forget that it was a PR (I know I did). When the technique is right, the work is easy.

  6. shayne replied:

    watching that awesome snatch has me fired up to work on mine tonight! nice clean, too!

  7. Phil Bost replied:

    Thanks Shayne!
    The clean needs work. I could be much faster getting under the bar and I get stuck in the hole pretty bad. There’s no bounce to speak of.

  8. Matt Baldwin replied:

    Um… fuck yeah!??

  9. Ashley replied:

    very, very pretty lifts, phil! congrats! did you see the PR Club I added you to on the facebook? it’s for the local oly stuff that trying to get started.

    • Phil Bost replied:

      Thanks Ashley!
      I can’t find what you’re talking about on the facebook. I will look again when I get home though.

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