Ashley Denton’s Top 10 of 2010

Readers, be sure to visit Ashley in the new year, when I’m sure she’ll update her blog more often. ;)

Thanks Ashley!

The following are in no particular order other than then order in which my brain processes information. I like funny, so funny seems to be what I remember most from 2010.

10. Double Rainbow Video.

9. Julia and Jody Haupt dressed up as Double Rainbows for Halloween.

8. “Lobster Focus.” – New CrossFit Durham quote due to Cliff Dyer’s auto correct error.

7. Cold Stone Creamery Groupons. (Not funny, but muy important.)

6. This guy…

[image via People of WalMart]

5. “Give ’em a Herkie to the face!” – Lindsay Hill giving me advice on how to rough someone up.

[image via Marilah Bersorak]

4. Making fun of Justin Bieber whenever possible.

[image via Emily the Person]

3. Ke$ha too…

[image via Bloginity]

2. Mie Yoshingaga’s quote, ” What I learned this week: Screaming something with a Japanese accent WILL lead to a really good snatch.”

1. Finding a truck in a bridge.

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  1. Keith replied:

    I agree with your sense of humor there, Ashley. Hopefully this is the only time we have to bring up Ke$ha on this blog though, it seems in the picture there is something wrong with her pants and we can be sure her breath smells like the entire bottle of jack she used to brush with in the AM while looking like Pdiddy…also be sure to check out the double rainbow autotune…

  2. jason replied:

    Man, I love watching trucks get canopened there. I used to cook at Pop’s, and it would be a daily joy. Check out

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