Haunted House

Made out of haunted Legos.

[Mike Doyle via John Baichtal @ Make Magazine]

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We’re all imperfect. Lopsided. Weird.

Bart Nagel slices you in half though, reassembles, makes you symmetrical. Your left side is a different person than your right side is a different person than You. Observe:

(Another busy spurt. Only one update today. Apologies.)

[Bart Nagel via David Pescovitz @ Boing Boing]

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Faux Fur Writing Board

I would gladly put my cat Bok Bok in the blender if it would turn her into something useful like this.

Let me reiterate. If the result was this write board, I  would blend Bok Bok on Christmas morning.

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Map of States Renamed for Countries with Comparable GDPs

Could stare at this for a while.

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Yoke Cake!

Amyland Cake Company’s cakes are impossibly cool.


A freaking kettlebell cake! Are you kidding me?!

[Amyland Cake Co. via personal communication with the Cake Artist’s sister (and my good buddy) Julia Grace Prosch Haupt, who says, “Cast iron has never looked so tasty!”]

(P.S. Happy Birthday Alex!)

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Concept Electric Car

Is Kia kidding with this thing?

I sure hope they’re not.

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[third image via automild]

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Ten Most Important Fonts

Kanye West gets emotional over fonts.

He’s not the only one.  Paul Shaw:

If Akkurat is so special (and it seems to me to just be one of several worthy attempts to find an alternative to Akzidenz Grotesk and Helvetica) then I would love it if you give your rationale as a post. Tell us why it will have a massive impact.

I am not sure why you think these are typefaces most relevant to Americans? Other than Yale, Clearview and Retina they are available to everyone and I am sure are used elsewhere besides the USA. (And I think James Montalbano and Don Meeker would love to get Clearview used in a European or Chinese highway system.) […]

For those who are championing Gotham, please give a rationale. Is it because it is popular? or because it is an alternative to Futura (with a more legible lowercase a)? or because it was used for the cornerstone of the beleaguered Freedom Tower? or because y’all just love the Port Authority Terminal?

That was Paul defending his list of what he considers to be the 10 most important typefaces of the past decade.  The list is beautiful, but the real joy is found when reading the ensuing discussion.  Designers argue like fencers.

Bonus: Care to get emotional over Calango’s motional font, Moshun?

My favorite is the P.

[Paul Shaw’s font dissertation @ imprint via Kottke]

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The Room

Tom Fulp @ Newgrounds made a game based on The Room. The result is incredible. Here are some screen captures I made while playing:

Click here to play.

Bonus – Real life moment:


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