Molten Sulfur Burns Blue

Amazing stuff as usual from the Big Picture @ the Boston Globe.  Do yourself a favor and click through for bigger pictures, explanations, narrative, and many more surreal photos.


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Russia Burning

I saw images like this one conveying Russian wildfires via the Boston Globe, but it didn’t shake me. I wasn’t there.

Then there was this:

[via The Daily What]

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Boston Globe’s Tour de France Pictures

The Big Picture from the Boston Globe compiles the most stunning images, no?

I recommend their RSS feed if you’re not already on that tip.

Part I of their Tour de France coverage.

More stunning scenery can be found at Part II.

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Free Money

The premise:

“Poor are poor because, by definition, they don’t have money. So why don’t aid agencies just give them money, instead of pursuing expensive, inefficient schemes to change living conditions?”


Click to read the Boston Globe piece.

Personal thoughts: seems to me that investment in education and infrastructure (thinking about the Guatemalan Cooperation for Education here) are more integral to success than doling out hard cash to the extremely poor… Either way, different flavors of wealth redistribution (either through NGOs, traditional aide programs, or cash handouts) seem to be similar yet divergent pathways towards poverty remediation. I contend that different pathways are required for different circumstances.

In my hood for example, if you hand extremely poor folk cash, they’ll likely go on a short-term drug binge with it with no thoughts on their own long-term betterment. On the other hand, if you provide them with shelter, continuing education, and a sense of self-worth, they just might learn to fend for themselves. The infrastructure required for success is theoretically already in place as long as you don’t count the current state of most major Durham roads.


[Drake Bennett @ the Boston Globe via The Browser]

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