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Epic Waterslide.

Jordan Devore @ Destructoid explains Minecraft’s appeal:

There’s a fine balance in Minecraft when it comes to resource gathering and creation. Left click on a block to break it down, right click to place it back into the environment; easy, but not too easy. I often liken it to building with LEGOs: finding the individual pieces you want might take a while, but the actual process of putting the blocks together is intuitive, and most importantly, fun.

When you start up Minecraft for the first time, you aren’t placed into a tutorial. Hell, you aren’t even told anything, period. You’re presented with a vast, open world, and that’s it. It’s up to you to explore, to make up your own “rules,” and in a way, cater Minecraft to how you want to play it.

For some players, that’s a major turnoff. To an extent, they need to be told what to do in their videogames — otherwise, boredom will quickly strike — and cannot handle ultimate freedom. For others, the true sandbox-style game has finally been realized, and they couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it. […]

As I said earlier, Minecraft pushes you to do certain tasks, even if you don’t immediately realize it. Another way the game accomplishes this is by way of a day-and-night cycle. During the sunny hours, you had best collect resources and stock up while it’s safe outside, especially during your first few days. During the night, well — that’s when the monsters come out.

[via Jordan Devore @ Destructoid]

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