Ashley Denton’s Top 10 of 2010

Readers, be sure to visit Ashley in the new year, when I’m sure she’ll update her blog more often. ;)

Thanks Ashley!

The following are in no particular order other than then order in which my brain processes information. I like funny, so funny seems to be what I remember most from 2010.

10. Double Rainbow Video.

9. Julia and Jody Haupt dressed up as Double Rainbows for Halloween.

8. “Lobster Focus.” – New CrossFit Durham quote due to Cliff Dyer’s auto correct error.

7. Cold Stone Creamery Groupons. (Not funny, but muy important.)

6. This guy…

[image via People of WalMart]

5. “Give ’em a Herkie to the face!” – Lindsay Hill giving me advice on how to rough someone up.

[image via Marilah Bersorak]

4. Making fun of Justin Bieber whenever possible.

[image via Emily the Person]

3. Ke$ha too…

[image via Bloginity]

2. Mie Yoshingaga’s quote, ” What I learned this week: Screaming something with a Japanese accent WILL lead to a really good snatch.”

1. Finding a truck in a bridge.

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