Keith Roberts’ Top 10 Local* Bands

*Local in this context means Central North Carolina, dear reader.
Keith knows local music partly because he is local music.  He’s the talented bass player of Of Whiskey and Blood out of Raleigh.  Keith’s too humble to include his own band on this list, but make no mistake.  They put on an excellent show.

I’ll let Keith (pictured on the right) take it from here:

Ranked by a combination of stage presence, local availability, sound quality, lyrical creativity and my own wacky musical intuition.  I am by no means an expert on local music, or music in general. But I am a fan, and these are a few bands I like to keep track of, listen to, and enjoy.

Top Ten Local Bands

10.) Transistor Zen
Creative lyrics spun through a distorted, almost electronic sound. A relatively new band worth checking out.

9.) Louder Moonlight
Worth the cover charge (if there happens to be one) if only to hear the guitar parts.

8.) I Was Totally Destroying It
Feel good 80’s style rock with a local twist.

7.) Inflowential
Creative hip hop that foregoes a back beat in favor of the more classic human beat box.

6.) Red Collar
In my mind the quintessential local rock band.  High energy shows with excellent crowd involvement

5.) Lost In The Trees
Though more of a touring band these days, which drops them a few spots due to less local availability, this band still merits a mention for being from here, and providing slow, thoughtful melodies.

4.) Kennebec
An excellent mix of tempos and excellent guitar parts. Americana style music equally suited for thinking or dancing, your choice.

3.) Rat Jackson
More of a parody than a musical style, the creativity of humor of this group, along with their recent documentary: Beer Y’all, should provide you with at least a little entertainment.

2.) Carolina Chocolate Drops
A true southern band if I ever heard one.  Fun, bluegrassy songs with a hint of spiritual sass thrown in for a cultural auditory experience.

1.) Mandolin Orange
Slow expert bluegrass instrumentals combine with thoughtful lyrics to provide the perfect charging state for my introvert batteries.  By far my favorite local band. Truly beautiful music, professionally done.

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