Epic Minecraft Highway


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Guilty Gamer

You know I love indie video games.

Ultimately this here is a review of some recent indie video games, but it sure doesn’t start that way.

Video games are worth loving, but loving them comes with shame. Not passing regret or social embarrassment, but a sharp-edged physical guilt: the hunch-backed, raw-fingered, burning-eyed pain that comes at the sad and greasy end of an all-night binge. You have ostentatiously, really viciously wasted your life; you might as well have been masturbating for the last nine hours—your hands, at least, would feel better.

Waste is not a byproduct—it’s the point: playing video games is a revolt against life. All art forms, even the polite ones, are escapist in that each answers some fundamental objection to the world and its limits. Novels let you know, granting access to inner lives and narrative arcs otherwise hidden and guessed at. Films let you see, permitting you to stare at the world and its inhabitants as long and as hard and as many times as you want. The gratification provided by video games is particularly sweet because the objection that drives them is more urgent. What they offer is purpose […] To play them is to live in a world with knowable rules and achievable goals: to ask, Dear God, what should I do with my life? And be greeted with a tutorial, a pre-mission briefing, and a shot at a high score.

Well said.

[Read more from Gabriel Winslow-Yost @ n+1]

[Comic about Minecraft via Penny Arcade]

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Quick! Split Up!!

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Metagun Time-lapse

Mostly, I want you to watch this video. If you’re intrigued, you can try the game. Time-lapse of a weekend’s worth of programming:

Metagun the game: Unforgivingly frustrating in a very old school way.

I enjoy the humour and thoughts of the game’s programmer, Notch, who blogs right about here.

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The Room

Tom Fulp @ Newgrounds made a game based on The Room. The result is incredible. Here are some screen captures I made while playing:

Click here to play.

Bonus – Real life moment:


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1st Person Tetris.

You’re not the tetris god you think you are.

1st person Tetris. The moment you realize just what the hell is going on is pure adolescent gaming bliss.

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