Knife City Creamery’s Top 10 Web Comics of 2010

Knife City Creamery’s Top 10 Web Comics of the Year:

1. Nedroid

A character driven comic about friendship.  Sort of like Calvin & Hobbes, but better.  Yes, I’m being serious, Bill Watterson.  Stop calling my house.

2. Gun Show

Look buddy, don’t try too hard to understand Gun Show.  Just try to enjoy it.  If you’re tough enough, check out the author’s twitter.

3. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

A wonderful comic broken up into narrative chunks.  Don’t try to start in the middle though, you’ll become quickly lost.  Colored by the author of Nedroid, Anthony Clark.

4. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Zach Weiner will wrap you up in long high-brow tirade before he brings it on home with a dick-joke.  It’s like a Pixie’s song or something.

5. Questionable Content

The first thing I look at each weekday morning.

6. Not Invented Here

Comic about software programmers.  Better than Dilbert.

7. The Gutters

A parody of traditional comic books that’s drawn by rotating artists.

8. The Invisible Hair suit

Consistently weird and wonderful.

9. Happle Tea

A comic about the classics and mythology.  Frequently funny and/or educational.

10. Married to the Sea

I almost said Superpoop, one of Drew Toothpaste’s other comics, but he recently retired that one.  I don’t blame him.  He pens two other comics daily, runs busy (and distinct) twitter and facebook accounts, and makes awesome music on the side.  Quantity and quality.

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